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X Ambassadors @ Alvernia University 4.29.17

Amy's sister Erin, a newly tenured professor (Congrats!) at Alvernia University in Reading, PA, alerted us to a concert that the X Ambassadors were performing at her University as part of their Spring Fling celebration. She got us tickets for $20 and we all went to the gymnasium for the concert.

A7R 55mm 1.8, f2.2 1/400s ISO 400

I have been down on concerts as a whole lately, realizing that I have no time for the giant sports arenas and crowded, hot lawns where you can barely see that stage. I have been craving intimate, small shows that really showcase a band and their vibe.

A7R 55mm 1.8, f2.2 1/250 ISO 800

This concert certainly seemed to have that potential. I decided to take my A7R and a single Zeiss 55mm 1.8 lens, hoping I could get it in to the show and that we might be close enough for a few good shots. I honestly almost left it in the car, thinking I'd just go camera-free and enjoy the show. I am glad that I didn't.

A7R 55mm 1.8, f2.2 1/400 ISO 1250

We got to the gymnasium 30 minutes early and easily secured front row standing vantage.

This is my favorite shot of the night.

A7R 55mm 1.8, f2.2 1/500 ISO 640

Amy and I first saw them in 2014 at the 104.5 birthday celebration in Camden, NJ on a tiny side stage. This was just before the Jeep commercial featuring the song 'Renegades' debuted and thrust them into the spotlight. We like to think we were on board before they were popular :)

A7R 55mm 1.8, f2.2 1/400 ISO 1250

The show was really good. There were probably only 400-500 people total in a gym that was the size of a medium size high school gym. It felt like a college band was playing for their close friends. The difference here was, however, that it was X Ambassadors and they are quite talented and now pretty famous. Even with the small crowd the band really gave it everything. Sam Harris' voice is truly unbelievable. Even if you're not a huge fan of their music, hearing his voice live is worth the price of admission.

A7R 55mm 1.8, f2.2 1/400 ISO 1250

I only took 20 or so photos, but the ones a got I am quite pleased with. The A7R and Zeiss 55 1.8 combo is great in these conditions. The A7R is maligned for it's autofocus ability, but it nailed all but a couple of shots and those missed were likely missed due to my error, not the camera's.

A7R 55mm 1.8, f2.5 1/500 ISO 800

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